Straterra represents the New Zealand minerals and mining sector, from small firms to large enterprises and including suppliers, advisors and service providers. 
Our goal is to see increased investment and growth in minerals exploration and mining in New Zealand. Our assessment is that the contribution of the minerals sector in this country can increase significantly and that this will benefit New Zealanders through well-paid employment, regional economic development and taxes and royalties. 

To achieve our goal we believe the public, media and political understanding of resource sector activity must improve. To this end, we engage in public policy processes with central and local government, and advocate for our sector in the media and at public events and forums. This involves taking industry and commercial information and presenting it in the language of government and in a way that is accessible to the general public. 

To maintain high standards and to build public support, we also encourage best practice across the industry in health & safety, and in environmental management as set out in our charter.

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