GNS Science

GNS Science is New Zealand's leading provider of earth science research and consultancy services

GNS Science is New Zealand’s Geological Survey;

They have 150 years of experience in regional geology and geological mapping and have 250 scientists spanning all facets of geoscience research.

They understand and advise on:

  • New Zealand geology
  • Mineral systems and prospectivity
  • Mineralogy and mineral paragenesis
  • Magmatic and tectonic processes
  • Geophysical and geochemical exploration methods
  • Geoscience datasets and databases

GNS Science is a government-owned Crown Research Institute with the purpose of developing scientific knowledge, independent advice and public awareness of natural resources and processes occurring in the Earth’s crust. They apply that knowledge to ensure economic benefit and safety for all New Zealanders.

They operate as a limited liability company with an independent Board of Directors. This unique structure allows them to:

  • Engage in the whole spectrum of leading edge research through to applied research through consultancy, and product development;
  • Undertake work for the public and private sectors with confidentiality assured;
  • Operate internationally as well as within New Zealand.

GNS Science also provides extensive research and services around oil and gas resources, and earth natural hazards – earthquake, volcanology, tsunami and landslides.