Michael Quinlan

Emeritus Professor of Industrial Relations
UNSW Business School

Michael Quinlan is emeritus professor of industrial relation in the School of Management. He is the author of numerous articles and ten books. In 2014 he published Ten Pathways to Death and Disaster: Learning from fatal incidents in mines and other high hazard workplaces (Federation Press, Sydney). The book identified the ten pattern/repeat causes of death in workplaces and how these types of incidents could be avoided.

Together with Lynda Matthews and Philip Bohle (University of Sydney) he undertook an ARC funded study of the impact of traumatic workplace death on families. He has been involved in preparing reports on OHS for governments in Australia and New Zealand including trucking safety (2001 and 2008), the Beaconsfield gold mine fatality (2006-7), the Comcare Review (2008), the Pike River mine disaster (2011) and audits of the Tasmanian mines inspectorate (2010,2012 & 2014). He has served on a number government OHS advisory bodies including the Expert Reference Group on post-Pike River mine safety regulation and the NZ Extractive Industry Advisory Group (current).